Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We have so loved our first month with our little man. He is such a sweetheart, such a calm and easy baby. We love you little Charlie and we have loved every second of this sleepless and joy-filled first month with you.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shower Love

In every season of life, God has blessed me with friends who are kind, thoughtful, funny, smart, generous, loving, encouraging, and generally more wonderful than I deserve.  These include my sweet childhood-through-adulthood friends, girls who went to Spring Hill or Oakland Heights, girls I was very lucky to have grown up beside.  Because of these special people in my life, I grew up so happy- giggling about boys together, going to church camps together and learning about the life-changing love of God, playing in volleyball tournaments together, eating in the cafeteria together, going on mission trips around the world together, graduating together, getting in trouble in class together for laughing too much, getting in trouble in cheerleading practice together for laughing too much, and getting in trouble in track practice for laughing too much.

Really, just an uncommonly lovely group of girls.

And then, in college, I was able to grow close with a few amazing women with whom I shared the excitement of freshman year, the wonder and humility in knowing how we are loved by God, the mystery of what our lives would hold, and more getting in trouble for laughing. I leaned on these precious friends so much during this time, as we tried to understand God's plans for our lives, what we should major in, who we would marry, who we are and what we truly believed. I carry these sweet/poignant/funny/silly moments close to my heart.

And then, after college, having married my very best friend, I was lucky to grow close to a circle of friends with whom I have gotten to have so many new and fun experiences- weddings, going on vacations with our husbands, skiing, trying out fun restaurants, buying our apartments or houses or cars, getting our first "adult" jobs, starting our careers, celebrating graduation from graduate schools, and now starting to think about growing our little families. I am also lucky to be able to work with a few precious women who are so thoughtful, who help get me through the difficult work weeks, who have been such supportive and kind friends. It is due in large part to these girls that I can honestly say I love my job.

All of this to say that I feel like my life has been wrapped up in so much love from these special friends, and most recently, was able to celebrate our little Charlie with most of these people. It has been such a meaningful time for me, and again, I have been reminded how generous and lovely these friends are, and how loving they are to me. A most heartfelt thank you to those who have prayed, sent sweet cards, given adorable gifts, spent time planning/driving to/hosting showers, and done so much to share in the excitement of one of the most wonderful times of my life. Mitchell and I cannot say enough how much it means to us.

Below are a few pics of these times- of course not everyone that I have described is in these few pictures, but you lovely friends know who you are.

Thank you all for making this exciting time so very special for us.